I would like to thank those below who shared their support and kind words about the work we did together.


I was impressed with the layout of the therapy room at CrystalOak but more so with Heather’s knowledge and application of crystals.

Laying on the couch was really different for me because Heather had placed pictures on the floor so I could see them through the face hole. This was a really lovely touch and so much better than having to stare at a floor.

After the healing we discussed how I felt and at all times I felt secure and in good hands.

Heather knows her therapies and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for Crystals or Bach Flower Remedies.


This was a new experience for me and I did feel nervous. Heather was very welcoming and quick to make me feel at ease. The room is set out professionally and has a calm and relaxing feel to it.

Heather was professional and took her time to explain the treatments that she offered. Throughout the whole session Heather made sure I was comfortable and she was happy to answer all of my questions.

After the crystal healing I felt a great sense of calm within myself. My mind was clear and everything that felt like a jumbled up mess felt separated and I could focus. For me personaly this treatment was just what I needed. I can’t thank Heather enough for the amazing work she does and I will definitely be visiting again.

I’m looking forward to my next session and the price is very reasonable.


I have had several sessions with Heather for Bach Flower Remedies and found them very beneficial.

How a session went was I would tell Heather what was bothering me at that time and she would talk me through my emotions whilst taking notes. Then she would summarise to me so do you agree that the current issue is “jealousy” (for example) and once I had confirmed yes that was the correct emotion, she would make me a remedy up.

I find Bach Flower Remedies to be amazing they shift your stuck emotions but in a gentle and steady way 🙂 I would recommend trying this therapy if you are sceptical if it works or not, as I have found it very effective.

Heather is lovely and creates a safe space (establishes a bond of trust and confidentiality) for you to explore your issues without judgement.


When I lost my husband and soul mate 4yrs ago I felt like my whole world had fallen apart and I had serious problems confiding in others; always keeping my feelings to myself. Even though I am a deeply spiritual person and knew that my husband’s passing over was part of what was meant to happen, part of me blamed the spirits for it and I shied away from accepting any form of help.

I moved towns 18 months later and already knew Heather as a friend. She had on numerous occasions offered to do a healing for me but she never ever pushed me. Me being me I dithered a lot before I finally realised that I needed help as I was sinking fast, both emotionally and mentally. I went along and was very nervous, so we chatted about any problems or concerns that I may have had before we started.

Heather has the kind of voice that puts you totally at ease. The healing room is in its own little bubble, you enter and the outside world no longer exists. I was always told that I could stop the healing at any point. I was continually told during the healing that I was safe, which was important for me as I had that many inner battles going on. This lady is absolutely wonderful, even when the sessions became challenging for both of us. My healings are getting better and my inner battles have almost ceased and this is down to the dedication that this lady has put into her work with me. I have a lot to thank her for, for without her healing sessions, I don’t like to think where I would have been spiritually. She has helped give me my life back.

Saranne PB

I have had the opportunity to receive many healings from Heather.
Regularly for crystal healing, also for bach remedies and always with complete confidentiality.

Heather really takes the time to get to know you, and your presenting problems thoroughly. She is very intuitive in her work and her kind and empathic delivery always makes me feel safe and comfortable. It is easy to be honest with Heather, and know that she truly wants to help you become a better person, be it addressing negative emotions or working on physical complaints.

What works well for me is knowing that Heather doesn’t work in a rigid way that only allows certain matches of crystals to particular ailments. Heather has a much more instinctual approach to her therapies and healing which really resonates with me.

Each therapy and session is entirely tailored to me, based on me, my experiences and my reactions, and can be revised at any point. We are unique in our journeys and our challenges; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional and Heather is not just considerate of this but really looks and listens for those little ‘tells’ that will help her tweak things to fit you perfectly, and this gives me great confidence in her work.

Heather is a genuine person and a perceptive healer, and this is why l not just trust her completely but I will always return to her.

Saranne PB
Burton Latimer
April 2015