What is a lightworker?

In my opinion Lightworkers are old souls that have lived many lifetimes and carry with them a storehouse of wisdom and compassion.  They are often drawn to helping others, healing and charity work.  They often have a belief in a higher power that transcends the recognised religions and will have a direct connection to that higher power.  Often drawn to energy work they use healing methods such as reiki, crystals or flower remedies.  Lightworkers are differentiated from other types healers in that their source of energy is universal; sourced from outside our planet, as opposed to earth energy or personal energy.  Of course many don’t recognise that they are healers at all, and yet people seek them out and always feel better having been with them.

Lightworkers are often drawn to angels, ascended masters, channels such as Kryon through Lee Carroll , or dolphin and whale energy.   Being of a higher vibration than those around them they are often highly sensitive to dense energy, sometimes becoming ungrounded when around violence or anger.

Unfortunately Lightworkers and old souls carry an akashic inheritance that often leaves them with low self-esteem, damaging beliefs about themselves and a desire to put others before themselves to their own detriment.  Because of this they often have traumatic experiences in their lives that can leave them with emotional scars, physical illness and more.

It is important for Lightworkers to seek ways of healing these damaging beliefs, scars and illnesses so that they can move forward in their passion; helping others.  They find that their experiences can help them understand others as they have experienced pain and sadness at deep levels.  Like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis when a Lightworker heals their pain they are transformed into wise teachers and carers.

Lightworkers don’t always stand out from the crowd, they are not always trailblazers.  Many are working quietly in the background, loving, caring, trusting, holding a gentle light in the darkness.  To be a Lightworker is to be brave to face fears, heal wounds and become whole again.

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