Psychic Protection – what is it and why should I use it?

When you start learning metaphysical concepts you may hear about the idea of psychic protection but wonder what it is and why you need it.  In this blog I hope to explain my philosophy regarding it and help you learn how to use some simple tools to set up your own protection.

But first of all, let’s talk about what psychic protection is and when it is helpful.

Highly sensitive people and empaths
There are an increasing number of people learning that they are empathic or highly sensitive and they are starting to realise that they are often deeply affected by other people’s emotions.  In this instance psychic protection can be used to protect you from their energies.  These techniques are also useful if you work as a healer as they protect you from the energies of the client.

Psychics and when meditating
These tools are also useful if you are interested in enhancing your psychic abilities or using guided visualisation to meet guides and obtain messages.  The reason we do this in this situation is that we are purposely opening ourselves up to energies that are not our own.  When we are new to this it can be hard to tell whether those energies are benevolent or not.  Using psychic protection ensures that you are not adversely affected by your journeys.

Now we can look at the basics of psychic protection.

Grounding, connecting and centring
The most fundamental and simplest way to protect yourself is to ensure that you are grounded.  In my blog The importance of grounding I explain that having a strong connection to the earth is the first step in ensuring that you are not swayed by other people’s emotions.

Imagine a pole stuck in the ground.  If the base is only in the ground a few inches it can easily be pushed over and even pulled out.  If that pole reaches deep down into the earth, no matter how hard it is pushed, it will always come straight back to it’s centre.  Our column of chakras is just like that pole as it has a column of light that runs through from above our head to deep below our feet.  If we are strongly connected to the earth we cannot be moved.  In the blog mentioned above I give some quick and simple directions on how to ground quickly if you feel you are being swayed.

Once we have connected to the earth we can go on to connect to our higher power if we wish.  This is most easily done by imagining that same cord of light reaching up out of the top of our heads to our higher power.  In doing this we are not only supported by our pole being buried in the earth but the top of it is also supported.  Now we may be pushed and although we may bend, we cannot be moved.

To finish the process, simply put your concentration to the centre of your sternum where your heart chakra resides.  By doing this you are connected to the energies of love and cannot be affected by negativity.

This method is something that can be incorporated into your daily routine and can be very beneficial in its own right.  Once we are confident with these connections it can also be called upon at any time when we are feeling that we are being swayed by other people’s energies.

Working with our aura
Along with our chakras we also have a second part to our energy system and this is know as the aura.  This is an energy field that surrounds us and is connected to our body through the chakras.  When our aura is not neatly tucked below our feet and at arm’s distance from us all round we can find ourselves vulnerable to other people’s energies.

Next time you are going to be going into a stressful situation sit quietly for a moment and imagine drawing your aura in so that it creates a safe egg around you in all directions, including below your feet.  Then see it coated with a coloured shell.  Silver is a good pure colour, violet can transmute negative energy and pink is very loving.  Pick a colour that makes sense to you.  Now you are ready to go.

You will find a visualisation here that can be used to create a safe and sacred space around you using the breath.  This can be good for meditation and spiritual work or as a good general practice to do every day.

The infinity of light
If we are going into a situation where we will be making contact with a person that we know will be difficult we can use a quick and simple visualisation tool to keep their energies where they belong an away from us.

Once you have done the simple grounding and connecting you can simply imagine an infinity symbol that looks like a 8 made of white light.  Put this symbol around you and the person you are talking to so that each of you is in one of the loops.  Visualise the white light energy flowing vibrantly between you keeping your energies neatly within the loops.  Once this is set up you can forget about it.  If you feel yourself being affected, connect back to the 8 and run the energy through it again.

This can be used both when you are physically with a person or if you are meeting a guide or spirit in meditation.  In doing this you can make contact and communicate without being affected by them.

Mirrors and walls
If you are in a situation where you know you are likely to be attacked energetically you can employ mirrors or walls.  These can be both imaginary and real.  As with the aura visualisation above you can include adding metaphorical mirrors into your aura.  These reflect back any harmful energy that is sent to you.

If you wish to use more physical representation of a mirror hematite roses can be worn to help reflect back negative energy.

Walls can be used in static situations.  If you work with someone that you find difficult you can imagine a wall of violet flame between your desks or work areas.  This will effectively create a barrier between you that can transmute any negative energy.

The paradox that is psychic protection
When you get used to working with energies and psychic protection you will come to understand that it is a paradox.  When we fear negative energy we attract it through the Law of Attraction that states that what we put our attention to we attract.  In fearing harmful energies we draw them to us and this is when we need psychic protection.

As we learn to not fear the energies of others we find we are no longer at their mercy.  If we work on raising our vibration and filling our energy system with light darkness cannot harm us.  This means that we are less likely to need to use psychic protection unless we are going into a particularly stressful situation.  However, if you do find you are overwhelmed you may want to check out my blog To shield or not to shield?


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